Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hey guys.
This is for group B. Just a quick note to make sure everyone in my group is clear about the schedule for the layouts. The backgrounds that I designated to everyone today need to be completed by the end of day ( thursday 19th). If they have not been finished they will need to be handed to me by Monday morning so we can start the character changes. Our aim is to finish the character changes by close of Monday for us to put together on Tuesday. If anyone is unclear let me know as i'll be in tomorrow. Great work guys keep working hard.

Emma 2D group B

Saturday, 14 February 2009

character sheets

karl here. got the animatic to rob on friday and i made up a storyboard bookletwith new times i reworked it so the party is 1:34 long.

may team worked hard on some back grounds and the charactersheet i will post them here for any one to take.
britpoper guitarist
britpoper singer

also here is some links for background ideas

Friday, 13 February 2009

CGI Animatic Update

Well done to you guys for finishing up the final animatic, it was well put together! As stated we should try and help out the other guys on researching some music for the other 2D sections and we should also start working on our layouts ands designs.
Well done again!

Have a good weekend!
Dan - CGI Teamleader

Sunday, 8 February 2009

CGI Section Update

Hi, This is Dan teamleader for CGI.

just wanted say well done to Will & Ash for turning up friday for the completion of our animatics. Its looking pretty nice so far!
Just keep in mind now on how and what these robots are going to look like, perhaps draw up some designs. jot down some key feature you want to see added to these things!
Thanks again, see you all soon

Friday, 6 February 2009

hi this is Luke; team leader for the stopmotion group.

just wanted to say well done to the people that stayed behind today to get the animatic completed.
im really enthusiastic about the outcome, we've looked over it again this evening and aside from a couple of scenes that need tweaking, (as Rob has suggested) it looks great.

i know we havn't got any final character designs as of yet, but i'm intending on doing some tests with latex for puppet heads, as we were thinking of using this medium. if the rest of my group have any suggestions or ideas for materials we could use, let me know.



Hey guys, this is Rachel.
Just wanted to give you an update on the budget so far.

Current expenditure at the moment is £27.66 of our £500 budget.
This leaves a grand total of £472.34 at the moment.
I reckon that's pretty good going.

For a full breakdown of our spending you can visit this link:

Remember to let me know if you intend on using anything at cost.


Friday, 30 January 2009

The client has said that they can not use images or music relating to Blur or Oasis.

They are thinking along the lines of a tag line like:

"If you thought Brit Pop was all about Blur and Oasis, then you missed all this!"

.... something like that anyway.

The idea we have at the moment still works, but we have to play down the fight at the party scene. As long as we keep the characters generic enough then there isn't a problem.

They also don't have any grunge music on their label, so we will have to produce some royalty free grunge sound ourselves. A chat with the music tech students might be in order.